NWN Worth It Appeal
NWN Worth It Appeal
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New Wave Nation Worth It Appeal origin story.

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New Wave Nation was inspired by it's co-founder, one day owner, my son Bryson. A 12 year old intelligent, fun loving, and inspired to be entrepreneur. Looking to somewhat follow in his entrepreneur spirit father steps. Bryson thought of the name New Wave Nation and the acronym NWN. 

With all that being said, I preached to Bryson that his brand need a reason, a purpose and with everything that's occurred in 2020 he was leaning towards the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Covid 19 crisis. As we were having our conversation about BLM and Covid 19, we made a decision not use that platform because it's not only the black community that's struggling and in poverty. Not to ignore or to overlook the BLM Movement, we want to include more people in our mission. Covid is also affecting more than the black population. While continuing the conversation,  Bryson said, "We are all worth helping..." That was the start of our purpose, our slogan, "NWN We're Worth It". The message we wanted the put out to the world, "No matter race, culture or status, let them know WE'RE ALL WORTH IT". This is the reason we used the money bag and $ sign in our logo, to represent worth.

As far as the character and characters that we are and will be printing on NWN Worth It merch, are fictional characters. We will try represent different races, cultures, genders and status. Bryce is our first character and is drawn to the likeness of Bryson, the co-founder. Our next character to be developed will be Alyssa. We will have up to 8 characters with their own facial expressions, collections and different color merch. So constantly check back with us for different characters, expressions, color, and motivation.